The best gift in the world is the memories we make with the people we love

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The best gift in the world is the memories we make with the people we love.

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Ever wondered what to do with those special baby grows in the attic or some special clothing you just can’t quite bring yourself to throw out? Why not send them into our talented team and together we can create a special keepsake to display all of your incredible memories.

We create bespoke keepsakes inspired by your precious memories. Designed by you and created, from beloved baby grows and sentimental clothing, by our small family business.  Founded in 1995, when our own little family began with the birth of our first child Creative Keepsake Co was born out of a desire to encapsulate every special moment shared. Be it baby blankets turned into a patchwork quilts, a favourite jumper bought on our first family holiday to DisneyLand transformed into a cushion or favourite baby grows crafted into a cheeky little monkey friend! Understanding just how precious these memories and how important it is to continue creating them and sharing them with our loved ones we made it our goal to create a range which did just that.

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